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The Rebel - Kufr EP - NSCD002

Needlesoup’s second release is by The Rebel, the side project launched by polymath Ben Waller, also known as the frontman of avant-garage band Country Teasers. ‘KUFR EP’ contains 5 ingenious tracks of darkly humorous storytelling and irreverent originality and we love Ben’s style (as much as he loves cricket. As is the way with the label, this release is strictly limited to 100 copies only.....


Track listing:

1. Unproactive beetle

2. Sir Geoffrey

3. The Tamil Support Foundation

4. Honour killings, corrective rape, clitorectomy

5. The bark of the muntjac




Sudden Infant - Three Puppets EP - NSCD001

This is the debut release and is by the renowned artist Joke Lanz under one of his many guises. it's a 3 track EP featuring some incredibly visceral tracks. Joke has a huge body of work to his name including WAL, Schimpfluch-Gruppe with the performance artist Rudolf, Opposite Opponents and countless others projects. he has collaborated with the likes of Christian Marclay, Annie Stubbs, Z'EV and too many other to mention. We have a few copies left of this unsettling yet beautiful start to the label.

Track listing:

1. Boy in a wheelchair

2. Blowhole boogie

3. Somnophobia rotation ritual


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